« We are so proud of them »

By Maxime Quemener

in Crestview News Bulletin

The Crestview High Schoolband will be parading in Pasadena, CA, on Monday, January 2, 2012. The “Big Red Machine” has, indeed, been selected to join the Rose Parade in opening of the 98th Rose Bowl game. “Having been chosen is a big honor. We’ll be on national television and the whole country will be looking at Crestview” proudly explained Rae Schwartz, board member of the promotion committee.

And, truth to be told, the band does need support. Sending the nearly 250 member group to Pasadena should cost about $1,800 per student.

When band director Jody Dunn first applied to march in the parade a few months ago, he didn’t imagine they would be selected for this New-Year edition. They figured they would have at more than one year to raise a sufficient amount of money to pay for the trip to California.

Friday’s edition of the Music ad Art on Main Streetwas a good occasion to raise money for the Big Red Machine. And the Art Alliance did all she possibly could to help the band.

The entire community is behind the band. We are so proud of them !” said Ms. Schwartz, chairwoman of the committee and a member of the Main Street Crestview Association, which co-sponsored the event.

The Jazz section of the Big Red Machine plaid throughout the evening, proving they deserved to be selected for the New Year Parade.

This year, a big chicken wings contest was organized as part the art festival. Local cooks had set up their stands on both sides of Main Streetand visitors could, in return of a ten dollars armband, enjoy the exhibit while degusting these tasty wings. The money collected will be transferred to the band. This initiative was also intended to attract more visitors and to make the festival grow.

And obviously, it worked ! There was much more visitors last Friday than there had been last year. Even though it was hard to know who actually showed up to see the exhibition, it still was a good occasion for local artists to reach this new audience.

This is my first Art Festival; I’ve never done anything like that. And today, I feel a great sensation of accomplishment. These are things I’ve done in my home, by myself. And seeing people pointing them out… That just feels great” said artist Jessica Smith, who had exhibited her paintings and photography at the Crestview Public Library in January and February.

By 9 p.m., the judges crowned the Hub city smokehouse and grill “King of the wings”. And besides the trophy, they also won a cash prize. Ten percent of the benefits generated by the event were supposed to go to the winner of the contest. However, the Champion wouldn’t touch to this money and give it to the band.


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