The dissembled patchwork of bias

By Maxime Quemener

Maxime Quemener, envoyé (très) spécial en Floride

It’s been ten days since I first stepped on the ground of the United States. So far, everything is

going just fine! I’m progressively

getting accustomed toFlorida : Its way of life, its heat, and its accent.

I was kind of afraid when I left France. I really had no idea what I would find here. The only images I had ever seen of Florida were from TV series… Mostly “CSI : Miami” and “Dexter.” And I was glad to realize that, in reality, there are not so many serial killers walking around in the streets of the “sunshine State.”

And, I didn’t cross the road of any alligator, either ! I could tranquilize my poor mother who, on the other side of the ocean, had been worrying herself sick after she saw a documentary about these big lizards !

And where are all these skyscrapers Hollywood studios keep showing all the time? To European people, they represent America. They are gigantic, intimidating and, somehow, arrogant (I am perfectly aware that we, French people, are not considered very humble neither).

I was breastfed with this kind of images on TV, in theaters and even in the news! And, over the years, they turned into symbols to me. And, I took all these images to build up a picture of what I figured was the American People. And now that I’m here, I realize that these symbols had formed a patchwork of bias. To make a long story short : I had prejudices.

Since I arrived every one has been nice, warm and homey to me. They have kept asking how my stay is going, showing interest for what I have to say. People of Crestview have unconsciously, though incessantly, dismantled this patchwork.


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